Chris Aul


Chris is the owner and head practitioner at Natural Health Solutions. He has studied alternative medicine for 17 years under a variety of mentors, and continues to seek other masters in order to continue on his path for knowledge. Chris graduated in 1999 from the Massage Away School of Therapy with a certificate in Massage Therapy. He then began his studies in acupuncture and graduated in 2006 from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. Upon his graduation Chris began his practice at our Indianola location in Clintonville, OH, which continues to be Natural Health Solutions main location still to this day. Outside of his practice Chris has been involved in martial arts for over 20 years, and even spent some time in China learning from some of the masters there. To learn more about how Chris got started down this path of healing please read his story below.

“They don’t teach the good stuff anymore: My story”

It’s a funny thing how fate will lead you on your path. The more you resist it, the more trouble and turmoil life will have. The more you embrace it, the easier life is. Of course there are challenges along the path. It seems to be the harder the challenge, the deeper the learning I can say my path has been full of challenges, but I would not have changed them for the world.

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