Massage Therapy – Chris


Chris has been practicing massage therapy since 1999. His methods have developed from the in-depth study of several disciplines. These include, Chinese Medical Massage (Tui na), Neuromuscular Therapy, Ortho-bionomy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and others.


This is more than just getting a back rub, you come here and we can help you with what hurts.


His advanced skill-set allows him to deal with physiology problems that stem from injury, repetitive motions, or disease processes. The combination of different modalities makes it very beneficial to the people doing intense workouts (weekend warriors/crossfit types) as a way to recover and take care of yourself, as well as, those who suffer from pains/sprains or muscle atrophy.

Great adjunct for other modalities such as physical therapy, acupuncture,  and chiropractic.