Tingling and Pain in Wrist, due to Carpal Tunnel.

I came to NHS with the hopes of getting some relief from the tingling and pain in my right wrist and hand from Carpal Tunnel. I was also suffering from chronic headaches (6-8 a month). The headaches would come in clusters, 2-3 days in a row. It appeared that the preventative medication I was on for the headaches

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Back Pain Gone! Weight Loss!

I had gone through a back surgery for a herniated disc. Several months after the surgery, the pain started again. I was not sleeping much at night and struggling with finding a comfortable position during the day. I had tried physical therapy, but it wasn’t alleviating the pain.

I started with NHS on a nutrition and

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Overall Health Improvement! No More Bowel Issues!

I came to Natural Health Solutions to try and feel better, and to start a plan for a healthy lifestyle. I also had bowel issues, and doctoring for it was not getting me the results I wanted. Something had to change, it was controlling my whole day!

Since I began a program with Natural Health Solutions my

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Knee and Shoulder Pain Gone!

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, I am always moving and active, and my muscles are always tired and sore. Chris is awesome at finding where the pain originates from.

With the use of acupuncture and muscle testing my knee and shoulder pain has gone away, and because of Chris and his guidance I am

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