What is Nutrition?


Nutrition is the foundation that supports life. All of our fundamental functions start from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. If you stop breathing you’re not going to last but for a few minutes, you can go without water for a couple of days before you die, and you will starve to death without food. It is essential to have these here fundamentals in order to live.

So what’s the big deal with food anyways? Why are there so many diets and fads out there???

Because it is highly recognized and widely understood you are what you eat.

What does NHS do?

  • What we do here is not fancy. We take a basic non-medial approachthanksgiving-spread to our nutrition program. We don’t have you count calories, or measure how many ounces of berries you eat in the morning. We give you the tools in order to understand how to take control of your own diet and have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Everybody needs to eat food every day. If you skip breakfast and lunch, by dinner time your body really lets you know that it’s time to eat something. We need to fuel our bodies with the right substances several times a day.

Why should i care?

  • The problem comes in when we are eating foods that are empty in vital nutrients. This is key because without proper nutrition the body will break down. If it breaks down for a long enough time we develop what is called a disease process. A disease process is a breakdown in the body’s function that leads to disease.

How can NHS help?

  • We can help you figure out what you are missing that may be creating a break down in your body, and what you need to restore it back to balance. We use a style of muscle testing called NRT. This a non-medical technique that determines where you are out of balance, what factors could be creating the imbalance, and what will restore balance to your system. When the body is in balance and is functioning at optimal level you just plain feel good. The interesting thing is there is no limit to this process. The longer someone sustains optimal levels the better and better they feel. There is no limit to what the body is capable of doing when it has what it needs. This is why we see staggering results with our nutrition program.

So what symptoms are you having that could be handled simply by giving your body what it’s missing?

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